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Denmark guide

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Special Operations and Counterterrorist Forces - Denmark - Danish units, descriptions and insight knowledge on the Danish SOF and CT-units.

Spectronic Denmark - Manufactures electronic surveillance equipment for law enforcement and intelligence agencies such as wired and wireless audio devices, telephone and fax monitoring. Based in Denmark.

Spetra - Denmark - Spetra - Denmark. Transport company.

Spigo - Manufacturer of a collection of golf accessories from Denmark.

Spine - Official site of this alternative metal band from Copenhagen Denmark.

Spitzdogclub - Representing 23 Spitz breeds in Denmark.

St Alban's Anglican Chaplaincy in Denmark - Information about the chaplaincy includes a mission statement, congregation details, service times, calendar, history and pictures, newsletter, contacts and directions to the church in Copenhagen.

Stargrass - Hardcore and industrial band from Denmark. MP3 songs, CD information, news, and reviews.

State Party Report - Denmark - 1997 3rd Quarter report to the United Nations Economic and Social Council by the State of Denmark on Implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural rights with respect to Greenland and Home Rule.

Statistical Mechanics of Disordered Systems - Concentrated Advanced Course by Professor Anton Bovier (Berlin). University of Copenhagen, Denmark; 23-27 April 2001.

Steen's Residence - The history of Denmark from 100,000 BC until today. Hobbies and Ridgeback.

Steenberg - Located in Denmark

Steineer & Co. A.p.S. - Denmark. Manufactures and distributes broad range of pneumatic related products. Includes polyurethane hoses, tubing, fittings, and couplings, as well as hose reels and blowguns. Site includes air tool technical tips.

Storbaelt Bridge - Great Belt Fixed Link - News and project information from the Danish State Railways. Bridge and tunnel linking Zealand and the Jutland peninsula.

Store Heddinge Youth Hostel - This Hostel, situated in Store Heddinge, Denmark, is suited for almost all kind of training-camps since there are a sports centre, swimming pool and football fields in association with the hostel.

Stounberg, Lars - New spirit of watercolor painting from Denmark, landscapes and the interaction between light and shadow.

Straarup Webdesign - Offers web and graphic design. Located in Denmark.

Streetkids - Gallery by Michael Jensen, Denmark.

Summer cottages for rent - Private summer cottages for rent throughout Denmark

SunSITE Denmark - Godt sted med mange Linux og OpenSource relaterede projekter og mirrors.

Sunray - Read about their trip from Denmark to Malta last summer and this year's trip to Greece. It offers advice and tips that they learned through experience.

Sunreds Kennel - Breeding Lakenois, Lakense Herders in Denmark. Includes breeding overview, puppies, males, females, photo gallery, news, and links. HTTP, Denmark - Complete mirror with sources, binaries and contrib files.

Suzaku Creative Office - Translation in English and Japanese, from general business letters to highly specialised technical documents. Based in Denmark.

Suzuki Chopper Club Denmark - A club for Suzuki chopper and cruiser owners in Denmark. Meetings are once a year and the members make their own trips across the country and outside Denmark.

Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - Located in Stockholm and accredited to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Includes a pdf visitors' guide.

Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of New England - Provides access and support for the development of business between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden with New England states.

Sweet Sessions - Tribute band from Denmark.

Sylhet Partnership Project - Describes a European Union Asia Urbs funded initiative for urban regneration in Sylhet. The programme partners are the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, The Municipality of Horsens, Denmark and Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Symtech Nordic Denmark - Distribution af udstyr og løsninger til detailhandel og transport.

Synkron - Scandinavian vendor with partners in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. The Synkron system is aimed at the mid-market.

TDC - The largest telecommunication company in Denmark.

TIC - Danmark - Technological Information Centre. TIC is a nation-wide, independent, non-profit organisation. Our consultancy services are offered free of charge for small and medium-sized companies in Denmark.

TT Boilers - Compact steam plants for industrial heating. Steam generators and small steam boilers. Pure steam generators, exhaust gas steam boilers. Danish and English language web site, company based in Denmark

Tactical Air Command Denmark - History and photographs of the Royal Danish Air Force.

Tai Chi News - Multilingual site based in Denmark.

Taido Dojo of Copenhagen - School locate in Denmark. Includes history, class schedule, links, and contact information. Also headquarters for the Danish Taido Association. [English, Danish]

Tas, Jeannette - Editorial stock and assignment photographer based in the Netherlands. Images from the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, Turkey and Yemen.

Tatoo Liz - Information on tooth jewels, piercing, and tattooing. Contains galleries, location information, and appointment details, as well as listings of upcoming events. [Copenhage, Denmark]

Tax Nazi - The truth about taxes Denmark, and how they practise economical facism.

Technical University of Denmark - Department of Mathematics.

Technical University of Denmark Structural Chemistry Group - Teaching, research, and equipment of the Structural Chemistry Group.

Teglborg Boerboel - Family breeder from Denmark. FAQ, upcoming litter announcement, contact information, picture gallery.

Terje's Borzoi Pages - Stories and photos of three Borzois living in Denmark.

TestHouse Denmark - Specialist in software testing. Send your program to us just before production launch and let us run the program through detailed testing and report back to you on any errors or defects.

The Amber Specialist - Offering a selection of pendants, bracelets, necklaces and earrings from Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Backpacking Site - Find information on every aspect of backpacking and low cost travel in Denmark. The featured articles can be discussed.

The Benedictines of Saint Lioba - in Denmark - About the order and St. Lioba. Also available in Danish and German. Information about their charisma, history, work and presence in the world.

The Cliff Richard Corner - From Denmark, with news, photos, tourdates and chat in Danish and English.

The Consequences of Mobility: Linguistic and Sociocultural Zones - 23-24 May 2003 at Roskilde University, Denmark. Organised by the Department of Language and Culture, Research group on Sociolinguistics, Language Pedagogy and Sociocultural issues. Speakers, aims, workshops, venue and important dates.

The DREAM Model - The Danish Rimpuff and Eulerian Accidental release Model (DREAM), developed by the National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) of Denmark, is a high-resolution, three-dimensional tracer model for short and large scale atmospheric transport, dispersion, and deposition (wet and dry) of radioactive air pollution from a single strong source.

The Danish American Chamber of Commerce in New York - A membership organization designed to promote commerce between Denmark and the United States.

The Danish Aquaculture Development Group - Consultants in the design planning and management of sea and land based farms, based in Denmark. Company profile, references, contacts.

The Danish Boys Choir - A boys' choir from Copenhagen, Denmark. From 8 to 15 years, repertoire from psalms to swing.

The Danish Expat Club - The club offers a wide variety of services provided for members only, which are meant to facilitate the arrival to Denmark as well as providing a meeting zone for all expats who have been in Denmark for a longer period of time.

The Danish Forest Association - The trade association in Denmark that represents forestry. The organisation cooperates closely with the Danish authorities.

The Danish Hamster Owners - This is a site about hamsters in Denmark. Includes information on membership. Denmark.

The Danish Hildegard Ensemble - The only female vocal group in Denmark, specializing in the church music of the Middle Ages with a pure gregorian repertoire.

The Danish Lake District Eco-Museum - Includes five areas: Skanderborg Museum, Monastic Museum of Denmark, Gl.Rye Mill and Wooden-Shoe Museum, The Freshwater Museum, and Klostermølle Nature Center. Exhibits feature geology, natural history and cultural history. Includes map and contact information.

The Danish Page - Very critical views on Denmark, its taxes, and Danes' mentality.

The Danish School of Journalism. International - DSJ is the largest and oldest institution for education of journalists in Denmark. The website provides information about the Master Program they offer and the international network they are involved with.

The Danish Tourist Board - Information to help when planning a visit - a vacation, a weekend trip, a business meeting or even a conference in Denmark.

The Danish Vizsla Homepage - Personal site with FCI standard, breed history in Denmark and Hungary, photogallery and facts about the Danish club.

The Danish Weathercenter - Climate information for Denmark and Northern Europe. Includes forecast charts, satellite photos and observations.

The Evangelical Lutheran Freechurch of Denmark - Official site of Den evangelisk lutherske Frikirke

The French Needle - Seller of kits, books and accessories from France and Denmark.

The Grange - Luxury country retreat nestled among vineyards in Denmark. Also find regional highlights and prices.

The Gurdjieff Society in Denmark - Directly associated with The Gurdjieff Society in London and gives the possibility of a closer contact to G.I. Gurdjieff's teaching in Denmark.

The Hans Christian Andersen Center - English section describing his life and works. Extensive timetable, and chronology. Further material available in Danish. Edited by dr. Johan de Mylius, University of Southern Denmark.

The Jorge Luis Borges Center for Studies and Documentation - Academic organization based at the University of Aarhus in Denmark presents Borges articles, reviews, research aids, bibliography, and links.

The Jump PLane Club - Skydiving club located in Denmark with the biggest jump plane in all of scandinavia

The Karen Blixen Museum. - Dedicated to the life and memory of one of Denmark's great writers, Karen Blixen, also know as Isak Dinesen.

The Language Plaza: Dansk for alle - Samling af nyttige links med relation til undervisning i dansk som fremmedsprog.

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen - About the national symbol of Denmark and the fairy tale.

The Lutheran School of Theology, Aarhus, Denmark - Includes history, mission statement, academic program information, and contacts.

The National Association of Belgian Blue and White Cattle in Denmark - Listing of advantages of the breed and contact information.

The National Museum of Denmark - Basic information about the museums.

The OML Model - A Gaussian plume model developed by Denmark's National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) that is recommended for environmental impact assessments of any planned new industrial sources. The model can be used at distances up to 20 km for high or low sources, one or more point sources, or area sources. It is not suitable for complex terrain and it requires input data on emissions and meteorology on an hourly basis.

The Other World - Youth music festival arranged with the images of the world featuring world culture and trance. Held in Denmark.

The Party - Demo and game party in Denmark.

The Porvoo Communion - Information on the fellowship of the Churches of England and Ireland (Anglican), the Church in Wales (Anglican) and the Episcopal Church of Scotland, together with the Lutheran (State) Churches of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and the Evangelical-Lutheran Churches of Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Postal Museum in Aarhus - Denmark's postal history.

The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy - The only academic institution in Denmark that provides education and research focusing on the pharmaceutical sector and all aspects of drugs.

The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University - Denmark. Includes news, employment, directory, education, and research.

The Steno Museum - Features exhibitions on the history of science and medicine, a planetarium and medical herb garden. Exhibits are based on original objects as well as reconstructions, models, posters and hands-on displays. Includes hours, admission charges, guided tours and directions. Located in Aarhus, Denmark.

The Steno Planetarium - In Aarhus, second largest town in Denmark.

The Summercamp Association - Promotes international summer camp exchanges between Denmark and other countries and has information on JOTA, JOTI and radio scouting.

The Torch - A Danish magazine focuses on certain tendencies in Denmark in particular, that may be described as reminiscent of fascism: increasing discrimination, racism, loss of civil rights, forced labour, arbitrary solitary confinement and limitations in religious freedom.

The Torch: Interview with a Prostitute - While new suggestions of legalizing prostitution keeps appearing, the profession is still illegal in Denmark, so that many prostitutes are forced to live in obscurity. We have spoken with »Sarah« about myths and facts in a profession shrouded in mystery, and about why a prostitute and brothel-keeper from Copenhagen sees her work as the most natural thing in the world and dreams of an impending legalization.

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark - Information on recent productions, essays, information on the Society for the Study of Hamlet and links.

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde - Houses the five original Viking ships excavated in Roskilde Fjord near Skuldelev, Denmark.

The World Factbook - Denmark - About the Danish geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.

The World of Jim Harrison - Contact, biography, and artist information from this Denmark native offering limited edition prints featuring the Coca-Cola logo as well as other artistic themes.

The World of Milliemay - Pictures, commentary, and animal friends of a dog who lives in a little village in Denmark.

Theatre Thalia - Denmark's touring mask troupe, performing pieces in both Danish and English. Creating exciting original physical work with inspiration from older traditions and new problems.

Theoretical Astrophysics Center in Copenhagen - Research center in Denmark on the structure of space, galaxies, and stars.

Thermo Team Denmark A/S - Transports to- and from Poland of normal dry cargo in groupage-, part- and full loads. International transport of chilled- and frozen cargo in West- and Eastern Europe

Thilde Jensen - Flash collections highlights provided with profile, resume, and contact information for the Denmark designer.

Thisted Horses - Warmblood youngstock and riding horses for sale with reference information on their sires. Located in Palle Thisted, Denmark.

Tholo Denmark - Produces grooming tables and equipment in Denmark..

Thorium - Official site for the death metal band from Denmark. Contains news, reviews, gigs, biographies, pictures, competitions, message board, merchandise and downloads.

Thorkild's Lectin Page - Resources introducing the lectins, and research devoted their functions, maintained at University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Thule Audio - Visually appealing electronics (some balanced) from Denmark.

Thusgaard - Anders, Margrethe, Jakob, Astrid and Martin from Denmark. Individual members, CVs, poetry and hobbies.

Tibet Charity - Pro-Tibetan humanitarian organisation based in Denmark. Information on projects and how to contribute.

Tibetan Terrier Club of Denmark - Home page of the Danish Tibetan Terrier Club. Dog of the year, puppy guide, history and information about the breed.

Tingle-Wood Wines - Offering Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz from Denmark, in the south west of western Australia.

Tingo Tanca - Wholesale from Denmark: Gemstones, rocks and minerals, rough and polished, Swarovski crystals.

Tioka - Offers design, promotion, and database services. Based in Denmark.

Tioka Internet - Denmark-based firm provides website optimizing, submission and pay-per-click, as well as link popularity and reporting services.

Tivoliland Aalborg - One of the biggest amusement parks in Denmark. Information on prices and opening times, food, and top attractions.

Tjalfe's Home Page - Tjalfe, who isn't a dog, he is a Briard, shares photographs from Denmark and information on herding with Briards.

Tobacco Lobby Bought Out Doctors in Scandinavia - News item on how Philip Morris sought out sympathetic medical doctors in Denmark and Sweden, and paid them money to void their opposition to anti-smoking groups.

Tobacco Profile for Denmark - Summary of smoking and tobacco stats.

Toons of Denmarks mailing liste - Dansk mailing liste for Newcastle klubben NUFC

Topferie - Cottage rentals in Denmark. Prices and attractions.

Torben Rif's Tai Chi Skole - School in Denmark teaching in practical applications, weapons, and theory. Seminar and class schedule, description of the five components and theory of Wudang style, and events. In English and Danish.

Torsten Thorup Architects - An firm providing interior, town planning, landscape, architectural, product and industrial design. Includes portfolio, exhibits, awards and firm profiles. Located in Denmark.

Torsten und Jens in Dänemark - Reisebeschreibung und Urlaubsfotos von mehreren Dänemarkreisen.

Total Management Oy WebPromotion - Finnish Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) and Internet Marketing Specialist operating in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Baltic. Company offers services for international companies that want first page placements in search engine results, based on Finnish or Scandinavian keyword searches.

Touring around the Kattegat - 1203 km in Norway, Sweden and Denmark - May 1996.

Tours and tourist info on Denmark - Tours for groups and individuals traveling to Denmark and Scandinavia

Town of Denmark - Information and statistics about the town.

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